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Swedish Fascia Vibes is a new form of treatment of the Fascia/connective tissue, which effectively and gently

  • Increases mobility
  • Eases pain
  • Relaxes muscle tension.
  • Improves circulation

Fascia and treatment of fascia

  • In an increasingly sedentary service society and a more and more digital world, back and neck problems are getting more common, followed by a decreased quality of life and longer sick leave.


  • New research shows that fascia, a system of connective tissue, has a larger impact on health and well-being than was previously known.
  • This has sparked a worldwide movement within the anatomical research field, with new groundbreaking findings every year, which challenges what we previously knew about the body.


  • Continuously innovating and developing new methods for fascia treatment has therefore become increasingly important.
“A lot has happened in the last 10 years of anatomical reasearch.”   
– Dr. Vibeke S. Elbrønd, University of Copenhagen

This is how Swedish Fascia Vibes works

  • Modern treatment tools with 400-1200 harmonic pulsations per minute puts the fascia in motion.
  • The waves spread over  large areas, both deep and wide, which increases relaxation, circulation and fluid flow.
  • Most people find the treatment gentle and pleasant, but quick, effective and with clear results.
  • The secret is the variation in pace, which “forces” the nervous system to relax.
  • What does it mean to be healthy? Balance, posture and relaxation?
  • When you give the body optimal conditions for being healthy, you help the body heal itself.
“Got my body in order very quickly and it doesn’t hurt”   
– Jörgen Börling

How the treatment works

  • With therapists connected to SFV, you get a professional treatment, in which you go over your current situation and decide the goal with the treatment.
  • The treatment is adapted after you as an individual and can be performed with or without clothes on.
  • The therapists follow up after the treatment and helps you reach a new level of well-being.

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More and more therapists are joining Swedish Fascia Vibes. They are working with modern tools and are constantly being trained in treatment methodology, new research and different ways to improve well-being.

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