Developing a new standard in well-being

Developing a new standard in well-being

New innovative treatment of low back pain & frozen shoulder

Since 2010 Atlasbalans has been delivering award winning treatment tools, training and services to more than 500 health & well-being professionals. The company also has experience from running a clinic and has developed treatment methods as well as a professional education for therapists.

Atlasbalans possesses cutting edge expertise in digital marketing, sales processes and market automation and has built up a network of carefully selected specialists in graphic design, digital advertising and digital infrastructure.

Since 2015, Atlasbalans has specialized in new research on Fascia, the network of connective tissue that surrounds everything in the body. One of the company’s assets is The Fascia Guide, the world’s largest website about Fascia, among other thing containing a research database with over 500 articles.

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