• Atlasbalans’ business idea is to develop equipment, services and comprehensive health and wellness solutions for humans and animals.
  • Atlasbalans provides professional therapists with what’s needed to perform state of the art treatments. Simply put, we help professionals become better!
  • The core of our business is Swedish Fascia Vibes with the award-winning treatment machine AtlasOrange1 – designed and developed in Sweden, by Atlasbalans.

Our machine – AtlasOrange1 – is used in a new form of therapy: Swedish Fascia Vibes for both people and animals.

With its 400-1200 harmonic pulsations per minute, AtlasOrange1 creates deep waves that move along gently through the tissue and layers of the body, initiating motion; both wide and deep. The waves spread quickly, covering large areas.

Swedish Fascia Vibes is an innovative way of releasing pain and tension, specifically in muscles and connective tissue (Fascia). The treatment results in improved mobility and relaxation.

The machine aids the therapist in reaching deeper and getting improved results, in a way that is gentle and comfortable for the client/horse. At the same time the machine makes it easier on the therapist, whose body doesn’t get tired or worked out. It is truly a win-win: better for the client, better for the therapist and better for the business.

In addition to selling machines, Atlasbalans provides a number of services to support and improve the day-to-day operation for the therapist.

Atlasbalans Digitala Plattform offers therapists help with for example marketing and sales. Atlasbalans Användarportal is an ideal place for networking, where therapists can share experiences, get more know-how and improve their techniques via extended education by Atlasbalans Akademi.

Atlasbalans is also actively engaged in spreading word of new research about Fascia (tissue) and how it changes the ways we view the body.

  • Award-winning treatment tool that improves the professionals

  • Unite, improve and boost therapists

  • Easy way of spreading knowledge about the body


  • Develop new products and services within health and wellness

Why do we exist?

We exist to help people realize and reach their full potential.

That is the sole reason why we do this.

From the beginning our plan was to offer a new type of leadership training, as a fluke we ended up in this field.

Why are we still here? Because we believe the body is the key to realizing ones full potential.


We have always asked tricky, somewhat tough questions – one of them being:

Why does one get back pain?

Our search for answers has taken us on this exciting journey, from treating neck pain and back pain, –> to developing an effective machine for simplifying treatments –> to developing services for improving the therapists daily work –> to creating a treatment machine for horses –> to what we intent to do next: build the world’s largest platform within health and wellness.

A brief summary: 8 years at Atlasbalans

  • 2010/11 – Knowledge about the body in an easy way; balance and posture
  • 2012/13 – Why do certain people get well? What is Fascia? Focus on new research
  • 2014/15 – We start treating horses and see the links between humans and animals
  • 2016/17 – We start spreading knowledge about Fascia, reaching more and more therapists, connecting the dots about all we have learnt, shifting the focus to education and international expansion.

Where are we going?

  • How does one help people realize and reach their full potential?
  • How does one get people to start listening to their bodies?
  • By uniting and helping many professional health and wellness therapists reach many people.

10 000 practitioners reach 20 million people by 2022

We will expand and dominate the field of Fascia Wave Treatment by creating the world’s largest platform, uniting and developing 10 000 professional practitioners with Atlasbalans’ treatment machines and processes; and affecting 20 000 000 people around the world by 2022.

We understand that we have a long journey ahead of us, but our minds are set on success. With faith, hope and love there are no limitations.

Follow our progress here

Who are we?

The people behind Atlasbalans

The Bohlin Family

The idea to Atlasbalans was born in the fall of 2009 when Hans Bohlin wanted to create a wellness concept to ensure people long-term health.

Early on Hans understood the power and use of the internet, so he approached his son Axel, fresh out of high school, and offered him an education in digital marketing and an opportunity to be part of building the business.

Since January 2010, Hans and Axel have co-created Atlasbalans to what it is today. The journey has been full of learning lessons – both professional and personal; smooth challenges mixed in with rough. They have experienced how rewarding and at the same time complex it is to run a family business.

In the fall of 2015 the younger son, Ivar Bohlin, joined the business as sales manager. His drive and commitment  has taken Atlasbalans to a completely new level. Charlotta Bohlin, mother and wife, is a pillar of strength and wisdom, helping out in background; always ready to step in during times of tough challenges.


Other  “Family Members”

Lars Bjarnemark, a close friend of the family, accepted the role as Chairmen of the Board in 2013 and has since been assisting with everything from counseling and financials to staffing and emotional support.

Since January 2017 Albin Wiklundh has given the sales team, and Atlasbalans, new energy, good humour and many masterly impressions (!) – in addition to sheer competence, of course.

Märta Lindqivist – therapist, illustrator, artist (“a jack of all trades”) – has been working part time since 2015 with social media and content production.

Marketing Director

Chairman of the Board

Åke Renman

Course teacher

Camilla Ranje Nordin

Course teacher

Oscar Hiller


What we believe in: The 9 Principles of Atlasbalans

We have always tried reaching for the sky, striving for a higher standard and keeping ourselves and each other responsible for becoming better fellow humans, colleagues and individuals.

We have come up with nine (9) principles that we strive to live up to:

  1. We see EVERYTHING as a whole
  2. We think everything is possible if there is enough will, and we search for simple solutions
  3. We believe in constant develepment, through inspiration and innovation
  4. We believe in a community where individuals openly share their experiences, lessons learned and knowledge for mutual develpment
  5. We expect a lot of ourselves and others
  6. We follow our hearts and dare to be ourselves
  7. We have respect in others and ourselves
  8. We believe in the individual, in the human potential, in love and balance
  9. We believe in honest and open communication, externally and internally
More about our principles