Welcome to Atlasbalans

New knowledge about the body in a simple way

  • Atlasbalans’ business concept is to deliver high-quality equipment, training and services in wellness for both people and horses.
  • We empower professional therapists and give them what they need to perform excellent treatments. Simply put, we make the professionals better!
  • The core of our business is Swedish Fascia Vibes with our award-winning machine AtlasOrange1 – designed and developed in Sweden, by Atlasbalans. 
  • Award-winning treatment tools that make the professionals better

  • Assemble, develop and facilitate for therapists

  • Spreading new knowledge about the body in a simple to grasp manner

  • Develop new products and services in healthcare and wellness

Swedish Fascia Vibes Humans

  • The newest in wellnes

    Swedish Fascia Vibes is a new efficient way to treat connective tissue/Fascia. Undulations spread widely and deeply throughout the body increasing mobility and relaxation; as well as improving flow and circulation.

  • Make the professionals better

    Used by professional therapists to ease back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, muscle tension and much more.

Swedish Fascia Vibes Horses

  • Revolutionizing treatment of horses

    Today Swedish Fascia Vibes is used in all competition disciplines and has prompted more flexible dressage horses, quicker trotters and higher jumping show jumpers; above all the horses get less injuries.

  • Gentle, effective and loved by the horses

    Comfortable and gentle treatment that gets rid of tension, loosens up locked connective tissues/Fascia, increases mobility and agility plus improves the flow in the body.

Hear What Others Say About Swedish Fascia Vibes

“The result was great and it was a lot of fun as well. The horses are less sore and much more soft and agile”
Maria Hagman Eriksson, Gallop and Endurance Riding
“AtlasOrange1 gives me an extra level of efficiency I can’t achieve by just using my hands”
Pia Nirkko, Physiotherapist, Olympic Team Finland

Why do we exist and
what do we do?

Atlasblans exists to help people realize and reach their full potential.

That is the only reason why we do this.

From the beginning our plan was to offer a new type of leadership training, but by chance we ended up in this field.

Why are we still here? Because we believe the body is the key to realizing ones full potential.

How does one get as many people as possilbe to listen to their bodies?

We think we can reach a large amount by gathering and helping lots of professional healthcare and wellness practitionsers do their work. In other words, by making the  professionals better.

Mission 2022: The world’s largest platform

We will expand and dominate the field of Fascia Wave Treatment by creating the world’s largets platform, uniting and developing 10 000 professional practitioners with Atlasbalans’ treatment machines and processes; and affecting 20 000 000 humans around the world by 2022.


More about our vision

What we believe in: The 9 Principles of Atlasbalans

We have always tried reaching for the sky, striving for a higher standard and keeping ourselves and each other responsible for becoming better fellow humans, colleagues and individuals.

We have come up with nine (9) priciples that we strive to live up to:

  1. We see EVERYTHING as a whole
  2. We think everything is possible if there is enough will, and we search for simple solutions
  3. We believe in constant develepment, through inspiration and innovation
  4. We believe in a community where individuals openly share their experiences, lessons learned and knowledge for mutual develpment
  5. We expect a lot of ourselves and others
  6. We follow our hearts and dare to be ourselves
  7. We have respect in others and ourselves
  8. We believe in the individual, in the human potential, in love and balance
  9. We believe in honest and open communication, externally and internally

New research changes our view on aches and pains

  • Are you familiar with Fascia, that thin veil of tissue around the meat?
  • New research shows that Fascia / connective tissues is more than that. It is a network without beginning or end, from the skin, thorough the entire body, down to the smallest cell.
  • Fascia research gives us deeper knowledge about the body – and the results are truly fascinating.
  • We have collected research reports, documentaries, interviews and much more