Welcome to Atlasbalans

Atlasbalans develops products, services and business concepts in the

health and wellness sector – for both people and animals.

  • Northern Europe’s largest plattform for professional therapists

    At the moment we are gathering professional therapist from all over Europe and the Atlasbalans plattform is growing month by month

  • Awarded treatment tools

    AtlasOrange1 is a Swedish-developed treatment tool that takes fascia treatment to a completely new level. The machine generates between 400 and 1200 harmonic pulsations per minute creating waves that spread through the fascia like rings on water, treating large areas widely and deeply.

    The machine is developed for Fascia Wave Treatment, Spa-treatment (AtlasWhiteOne) and Deepwave Treatment of Horses (AtlasMaroonOne)

  • Innovation and development

    We are keen on always being in the front line in terms of new technology and new reasearch. To us constant growth and development are key aspects of doing business.

  • Lead the way to better balance

    We believe in inspiring people to be a little better, to dare more and be a live a bit more balanced lives.

At the moment our products are only available in Sweden. Due to high international demand we are working on an international launch during early 2017.

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“AtlasOrange1 gives me an extra level of efficiency I can’t achieve by just using my hands, and I can combine it with my other treatment”
Pia Nirkko, Physiotherapist, Olympic Team Finland

Atlasbalans.com is soon avaliable

We are on the brink of launching our international website. It will include most of the content from our Swedish website as well as information on how to take Fascia Wave and Deep Wave Treatment to your country.

For now, check in our Swedish site.

Visit our Swedish site

Deep Wave Treatment of horses

Deep Wave treatment is an effective but gentle way to treat horses, increasing mobility and releasing pain and tensions.

Deep Wave Treatment, has resulted in trotters running faster, saddle horses doing faster recovery – and most importantly, horses feeling better.

Fascia Wave Treatment of people

Fascia Wave Treatment with Swedish award winning innovation AtlasOrange1 is an efficient way to treat tensions in muscles and fascia.

AtlasOrange1 is today used for Fascia Wave Treatment in application areas such as rehab, physiotherapy, naprapathy, osteopathy, preahab, preventive treatments, wellness and relaxation.