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M1 for horses

M1 for people

M2 for people

Get more out of your treatment & get fantastic results

  • Designed as an extended hand, the powerful M1 brings a new level of professionalism to manual treatment
  • Based on the latest anatomical research, M1 is optimized for advanced and powerful fascia treatment
  • Through 400 to 1200 harmonic pulsations per minute, the machine create waves which spread through the fascia like rings on water and large areas can be treated quickly, both deep and wide.
  • The machine is powered by a powerful and high tech electric engine, encapsulated in a single piece of crafted aluminium.
  • It reduces sound and gives the machine a comfortable weight, which makes the treatment less physically demanding for you as a therapist.
  • Atlasbalans M1 makes professional therapists even better and lets you get results which are very difficult or even impossible to reach with your hands, and the efficiency reduces treatment time.

”If you have a good feel with you hands, you get so much out of using this machine”

– Jarmo Ahonen, Physiotherapist

The power of an extended arm with the precision of the finger

  • M2 takes the preciseness of manual treatment to a new level and is perhaps the most intuitive fascia treatment tool on the market today.
  • If M1 is an extended hand, M2 is more like a thumb or a finger, enabling you to be powerful and precise at the same time.
  • Never before has this kind of power been so easy to use with its light and flexible form. It works great in pairs or together with an M1.

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