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Atlasbalans is a supplier of high quality equipment, training and services in health and wellness for horses and humans.

We bring together professional therapists and provide them with the latest knowledge and technology. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our work.

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About Atlasbalans and the people behind it

Atlasbalans’ business idea is to deliver high-quality equipment, training and services in health and wellness for horses and humans.

Atlasbalans’ vision is to turn AtlasOrange1 into the European industry standard and for Swedish Fascia Vibes to be available to all who seek health care, physical therapy or rehabilitation – for themselves or for their horse.

We believe in seeing the bigger picture, finding simple solutions, constantly improving and inspiring our fellow citizens to become better.

Hans Bohlin


Axel Bohlin

Marketing Director

Ivar Bohlin


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Digital CM

Lars Bjarnemark

Chairman of the Board

Åke Renman

Course teacher

Camilla Ranje Nordin

Course teacher

Oscar Hiller


Petra Henell

Customer service

“AtlasOrange1 gives me an extra level of efficiency I can’t achieve by just using my hands”
Pia Nirkko, Physiotherapist, Olympic Team Finland
“After just a short period of time I was impressed with the results I got”
Janus Marquis, Physiotherapist for the US show jumping team