9 ways you can use your Fascia Vibes machine

9 ways you can use your Fascia Vibes machine

Not everything you do fits all of us. As a therapist you might have used one method for a client which worked marvelously, and the same on another client with totally different result. People are different and treatments need to diversify accordingly.

You may see everything you learn as a tool – and your goal is to have as many tools as possible in your toolbox – ready to pick whatever needed for your specific client.

The Fascia Vibes machine is not a method, it is an upgrade to your toolbox, and it may be used in many ways. Help yourself to nine techniques for expanding and upgrading your toolbox today.

  • Feel and receive vibrations with your hand: Use the machine as a” transmitter”, your hand as a “receiver”, and send the vibrations from the machine to your hand.
  • Feel where the vibrations ”stop”: With your hand you may feel where the flow stops, where the vibrations “get stuck”. Vibrations should be able to flow freely in your fascia from the top of your neck till the pelvis, and if it stops, you will have the indicator of where to put the machine next.
  • Use the flat tip to treat directly on bones: E.g. shoulder blades or pelvis. When the bone starts vibrating, the fascia connected to it will be affected and released.
  • Feel through the machine: The harder (tense) surface you treat, the more power you will receive in your hand holding the machine. After some practice, you will be able to feel whether the fascia is tense or not, through the machine. That is the reason why some of our clients have a machine in each hand and still feels everything.
  • Experiment with power/pressure: The machine is designed for not using power and pressure with your hands, the weight is enough to get the wanted effect. However, some want to ”feel” a pressure. Test different pressures on yourself and/or your clients. See and feel the difference.
  • Vary your treatment by pointing and dragging: Most therapists work by pointing the machine on a sore area, but have you tried to drag the machine? Since the machine increases the fascia fluids, dragging is a good method of effecting the fluids even more.
  • Experiment with time: On a user conference we experimented with the machine, keeping it in one position (shoulder and pelvis) for 5-10 minutes. The result was amazing! The vibrations spread gradually from the shoulder to the leg, from the pelvis to the neck. Sometimes you may just let the body do your work!
  • Test the different tips: Even though we had ideas during development on how to use the different tips and what tip to be used on what, new ways of using them are invented all the time. For example you can put the flat one on bones, the round or flat on your face, use the cone tip for cellulits, treat acupuncture lines and heel spurs by pushing hard with the thinnest tip, etc. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new on friends and family!
  • Dare to experiment for yourself: Finally, dare to experiment! Fascia research and fascia treatment are new areas where a lot of progress is made continuously, so is the development of new ways of using the machine. The machine is designed for improving the skills of your hand, as an extension not as ONE method. Together with the latest research we discover new usage areas every year. There are endless ways of using your hands – and there are as many ways experimenting with the machine. Join us on the journey of discovering new ways of treatment!

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