Swedish Fascia Vibes treatment of Whiplash

Swedish Fascia Vibes treatment of Whiplash

Whiplash often leads to poor balance and posture

A common injury that many encounter is a so-called whiplash injury of the neck muscles. It can occur in car accidents or other traumas where the head is thrown forward and then back again, with the stretching of the neck and neck’s sensitive areas as a result.

Often, the problem does not occur until sometime after the accident, and it is not everyone who understands how affected the neck is by the fall / hit. But how can you treat whiplash?

To answer this, it is worth examining how your balance and posture is affected by a whiplash injury

Many Swedes have poor posture, which can cause imbalance and disharmony in the body. Often the cause of problems is the neck, which can be difficult to do anything about because the neck muscles are difficult to treat – if you do not have the tools.

During a whiplash injury the whole posture is worsened, then neck and pelvis are always influenced by each other and a strain or lockup of the neck will be felt throughout the rest of the spine and is reflected in the pelvic position. This is part of the explanation why hundreds of whiplash symptoms who visit Atlasbalans to get a better balance and posture become so much better.

With the fascia wave machine we can access and loosen the often chronic tension in the neck, and then also release the resulting problems in the rest of the spine. The gentle pulsations of the machine does not generally cause the same discomfort that massage and other manual techniques can do with a whiplash injury, but releases the tension gently and effectively.
Johan Hedström loves to ride motocross, but a severe whiplash injury put a stop to it. With severe headaches and heavy medication life seemed bleak until he by chance found Atlasbalans.


Interview with Johan in swedish

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