“Personally I am very satisfied with the effects I’ve seen thanks to the machine. My clients experience a noticible difference when it comes to releasing tension. The biggest benefit for me is the fact that I save my thumbs and can use my strenghts for additional treatments instead.” – Nina Å
  • The Swedish Fascia Vibes machine is designed to improve you, to make it possible for you to reach deeper and get better results.
  • It is adapted to your business, to your working conditions and to spare your body. Simply put – to make it easier for you to work with what you love.
  • But above all, the Swedish Fascia Vibes machine’s number one purpose is to help your clients; to give them an enjoyable, effective and gentle treatment. With the machine, progress is more noticible – and most people find it pleasant.
  • The machine is sound investment for your business, resulting in improved treatments in shorter time. You should therefore be able to charge a higher rate per hour.

What is Swedish Fascia Vibes?

  • Swedish Fascia Vibes is a new form of treatment of the connective tissue (Fascia), to increase mobility, agility and relaxation.
  • Fascia is a network of connective tissue enclosing everything in your body, from muscles and skeleton to organs and cells.
  • The Swedish Fascia Vibes machine generates between 400 and 1200 harmonic pulsations per minute inducing waves that spread through the Fascia like ripples on the water, treating large areas of your body – widely and deeply.
  • Swedish Fascia Vibess spread through chains of connective tissue structures throughout the body, covering large areas in a short time.
  • Fascia as well as muscles are given the opportunity to relax, causing increased agility and mobility.
  • Swedish Fascia Vibess release tension and deadlock.
  • The result – increased mobility and decreased pain and muscle tension.

How does Swedish Fascia Vibes work?

The machine’s undulations press fluid through the permeable connective tissue, restores hydration and helps the exchange of nutrients and waste export in the network of connective tissue found throughout the body.

Overworked or strained parts may be stuck together and dry. Skin can stick together with the underlying superficial Fascia, and mobility decreases.

The vibrations and their fluctuations pass through the body’s defense mechanism, releasing its muscular resistance.

Thus, the machine’s vibration provides a profoundly relaxing effect – allowing the treatment to go deep while avoiding the resistance of the nervous system.


Swedish Fascia Vibes in itself is not a treatment of various ailments; it is a wellness treatment.

But what happens to the body when you are more relaxed and agile? When the circulation is improved and the flow of fluids in the tissue is unimpeded? When you become more flexible and coordinated?

In the hands of professional physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists the machine has been used in e.g. pain relief,  Fascia/tissue massage, treatment of the movement apparatus and dealing with neck and back pain as well as relaxing muscle tension.

Reach deeper and get better results

Physiotherapist Sirpa Irpola who has worked with the Swedish Fascia Vibes machine since the autumn of 2012, claims that she quickly learnt how to feel through the machine.

”The machine continues to develop in my hands,
I only get more possibilites and less limitations.” 

To whip cream with an electric mixer is faster than by hand. The same holds true for the Swedish Fascia Vibes Machine, but with one important difference: the process is faster but the results as well are improved.

What can you do with “a finger” that pulsates 400-1200 times per minute?

As a therapist you know that certain areas of the body, as well as certain clients, are trickier to to treat. Tensions/deadlocks can be firmly tight and you are probably familiar with the term “bull neck”.

The neck is a good example. Here we have four layes of muscles in an area that can be both extremely tense and difficult to access. Add to this that many forms of treatments wear on the body.

These problems disappear with the Swedish Fascia Vibes Machine.

It relieves even the toughest of tensions and reaches both deep and wide across large areas.

Pleasant and Effective – Clients Love
Swedish Fascia Vibes

Fascia, as we have spoken about earlier, envelopes in essence everything in the bodty from muscles and skeleton to organs and cells. Swedish Fascia Vibess reporduce through this comprehensive network and spread both wide and deep. The treatment is perceived as pleasant since the machine keeps changing frequency, causing the vibrations to close off the pain receptors.

Since the waves propagate and do their work both wide and deep, the therapist does not have to treat exactly where the pain is felt. By treating near and around, the vibrations spread to the place where  pain is and unlocks tension –> the client perceives the treatment as gentle and pleasant.


“An outstanding machine! The results are felt and seen directly after the treatment. It is just as effective on horses as humans. So far I only have had satisfied customers.”                                                                                                                                         – STAFFAN Ö, RECO REVIEW

The Swedish Fascia Vibes Machine is adapted to you and
spares your body

Do you have a colleague that’s been worn out with time? It is physically challeninge to treat customers day in and day out, especially if you try to reach as deep as possible in order to get good results.

When we developed the machine our goal was to  find a tool that would suit therapists – regardless of training or preferred form of treatment. The machine, therefore, is adapted to work togehter with the expertise of the therpaist.

All that is needed to get started is a basic introduction to how the machine works, which of course accompanies the machine (there is also further training available at the Atlasbalans Academy and the user community).

Today the machine is used for relaxation and preventive treatments – of both humans and horses – in rehab, physical therapy, sports medicine, naprapathy, osteopathy, etc.


You can continue doing exactly what you do today, but with higher efficacy and without putting as much strain on your own body.

The Swedish Fascia Vibes Machine is not used to “replace” the hand – it is deliberately designed to be a complement to working with you and your expertise.


“It’s a treatment method that is good and pleasant to use for the patient as well as the therapist.”                      – BRITA S, RECO REVIEW

Invest in yourself and enhance the value
of your business

What dictates how much a service is worth? What do the clients want?

Most people booking a treatment want to get better. The better the results, the more the service is worth.

So logically a better a result in a shorter amount of time should justify a higher price per treatment – and most are willing to pay more with improved results.

The machine is an investment for your business. Better treatment results in a shorter time – it’s just that simple!  

The challenge, however, may be to explain in what way the service now has improved, and to get the customers to try the new treatment.

One way we’ve solved this is to give you a share of our Digital Marketing Platform (homepage and Facebook). In addition we can provide you with proven strategies that will help you get to more customers near you.

“My best investment ever! Simple to use with outstanding results both on horses and humans. The machine releases blockage and tension very gently and efficiently. Old horses become young again.”                                    – ROSE-MARIE B, RECO REVIEW

Is it as good as we say? Why not give it a try?

We have gathered quite a lot of information here and around our website, on our blog and on Facebook.

  • But how will you know for certain that the Swedish Fascia Vibes Machine truly works as well as we say?
  • How can you know that we really care about you, your business and challenges?

Why not try our Swedish Fascia Vibes Machine for one week, or book an free consultation with one of our advisors.

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