Swedish Fascia Vibes is a new form of treatment of the Fascia/connective tissue, which effectively and gently increases mobility, eases pain and relaxes muscle tension in the horse.

  • Gentle and pleasant – horses love the treatment
  • Increases mobility and agility
  • Tested and validated by the University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Award-winning innovation; designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden, by Atlasbalans

What is Swedish Fascia Vibes?

  • The Swedish Fascia Vibes machine gently and effectivly works on the horses’ muscles, nervous system and Fascia.
  • Fascia is network of connective tissue, without beginning or end, that encompasses the whole body.
  • Inflammation of the connective tissue can cause problems with the horse’s movement apparatus; muscles get tense and the horse experience pain.
  •  Swedish Fascia Vibes spread via chains of connective tissue structures throughout the body
  • The horse’s large muscle mass and gliding surfaces in the Fascia allow for the Swedish Fascia Vibes to reach large areas in a short time.
  • Swedish Fascia Vibes release tension and deadlock in the Fascia.
  • The result – increased mobility and decreased pain and muscle tension.

This is how Swedish Fascia Vibes works

The machine’s undulations press fluid through the permeable connective tissue, restores hydration and helps the exchange of nutrients and export of waste in the body’s network of connective tissue. Overworked or strained parts may glue together and dry. Skin as well can stick together with the underlying superficial Fascia and mobility decreases.

The vibrations and their fluctuations pass through the body’s defense mechanism, releasing its muscular resistance. Thus, the machine’s vibration provides a profoundly relaxing effect – allowing the treatment to go deep while avoiding the resistance from the nervous system.

New research redefines our view on aches and pains

Recent years’ studies show that Fascia has a greater impact on our health (aches and pains) than previously known.

Fascia is a network of connective tissue, without beginning or end, that encompasses the whole body – from muscles and the skeleton to organs and cells.

If the layers of Fascia stick together or become inflamed, it can decrease the horse’s mobility, increase muscle tension and cause pain.

To share our information about Fascia in a simple and smooth way, we’ve put together a Fascia guide with movies, interviews, research studies and much more.

Swedish Fascia Vibes are about to take “Trotting Sweden” by storm

Through increased motion, symmetry and straightness, horses run faster and are successful in race after race all over Sweden. All thanks to Swedish Fascia Vibes.


“The old research premises within our anatomical field are no longer valid” – Dr Heike Jäger

Around the world there is an ongoing revolution within the anatomical research field, turning the way we view our bodies upside down and setting a new standard for how we conduct research. 

Dr Heike Jäger, neuro physiologist and specialist in muscular deseases, chronic pain and back ache at the Fascia Research Center at the University of Ulm, Germany, is one of those leading this development. According to her, the old premises for anatomical research are no longer valid.

The reason being this wildfire of new discoveries that is challening our conventional view of the human body. One such example (Rein et al, 2014) is the discovery of a new type of nerv endings in the tissue, previously unknown to us.

What happens during Swedish Fascia Vibes and how do you treat the horse?

Ivar Bohlin called Märta Lindqvist to check if she had a few new treatment tips to share, mainly for gallop, jump and trotting horses.

Märta thought for a while and came back with an update on what happens during Swedish Fascia Vibes of people … and how she uses much the same approach when treating horses.

Fascia on horses and validation of
Swedish Fascia Vibes

Veterinary Dr. Vibeke Sødring Elbrønd has found through autopsy that the horse has the same kind of chains and networks of connective tissue through the body, as found in humnas by Tom Myers. They are called “Myofascial chains in horses”.

Since the horse is a quadruped these lines – also described as chains – are 90% consistent with those in humans. Vibeke’s study was presented at the Fascia Research Congress in Washington DC, September 2015.

Validation of Swedish Fascia Vibes

To test her hypothesis Dr. Elbrønd used the Swedish Fascia Vibes Machine on six horses.

The machine validated as effective since all six test subjects showed decreased tension and improved blood flow.

“Has done a lot for the horses”

– Rolf Göran Bengtsson

In early May, we visited Rolf Göran Bengtsson at Schloss Breitenburg northwest of Hamburg.

It was time for the sixth round of Swedish Fascia Vibes on 9-10 selected horses, including superstar Casall Ask and Olympic hope Unita.

He also took the time to take part in an interview.

“I tested the Swedish Fascia Vibes Machine for a few days and experienced
some very interesting results”

Janus Marquis, Physiotherapist
for the U.S. Show Jumping Team

Janus Marquis, Physiotherapist for the U.S. Show Jumping Team, got to hear from both Rolf Göran Bengtsson and other elite riders that they had experienced some fantastic results with Swedish Fascia Vibes.

After trying the treatment on her own horses during Falsterbo Horse Show 2017, Janus became the first American with a Swedish Fascia Vibes Machine.

Do you want to work with
Swedish Fascia Vibes?

The Swedish Fascia Vibes machine makes professional horse therapists even better. The treatment shows fantastic results, wears less on the body and best of all: the horses love it.

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Swedish Fascia Vibes?

Then get in touch with an expert near you! Every month new professional therapist join our platform, all equipped with the latest technique and most recent knowledge.

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Today Swedish Fascia Vibes is used in all competition disciplines and has prompted more flexible dressage horses, quicker trotters and higher jumping show jumpers.

Atlasbalans is spreading new knowledge
about the body

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  • Atlasbalans provides professional therapists with what’s needed to perform state of the art treatments. Simply put – we make professionals even better.
  • The core of our business is Swedish Fascia Vibes with our award-winning machine AtlasOrange1 – designed and developed in Sweden, by Atlasbalans.