5 reasons why therapists have a profession for the future

5 reasons why therapists have a profession for the future

Since 2011 we have spent countless hours, resources and energy creating a concept which helps professional therapists become even better. Because we belive that therapist is a profession for the future. Good therapists are needed and may even play a central part in changing much that is negative in the world today.

Here is our list of 5 reasons to why therapists have an important profession for the future

1. It’s impossible to digitalize & automate physical treatment

  • “Of course you can’t” you might be thinking. But fact is that we are in a time where various professions are getting automated
  • There are also those who say that there is a connection between increased screen time and increased stress – which of course increases the need of treatment

2. Ache, tension, stiffness and pain seems to be getting increasingly common

  • It might feel like each and every person you meet has an ache in the back and neck – but did you know that a third of all people away on sick leave are away because of lower back issues?
  • That may not be so strange as we’ve in the last decades have changed physical labour to sedentary office labour. If we believe that this trend will continue, we can also determine that the need for physical treatment will increase rather than decrease

3. Food contains less nutrients which leads to more problems with the body

  • Under many years we have cultivated food with two powerful motivations: it should be cheap and last for a long time
  • The consequence of more and quicker harvests is that the soil of today contains less minerals and less nutrients
  • Researchers are working tirelessly to examine the consequences it has on our health, but a lot indicates that both the body’s ability to resist attack – as well as the consequences of too long periods of bad posture, stiffness and tension results in different consequences now than they did just 40 years ago

4. Large institutions have a hard time keeping up with rapid change

  • Only in the last 10 years a lot has happened in anatomical and physiological research. For example lower back pain is caused by inflammation in the fascia, or that the gut flora has a much greater importance for our health than previously known
  • For many large institutions there is huge challenge to keep up with all the new research, picking the essentials and after that reshape their educational programs and course content – but for a network of therapists who can quickly implement new insights it’s an opportunity

5. A unique position to become the core in the growing health trend

  • There are many experts in diet, fitness and other forms of well-being – but few have the knowledge that the professional therapist has about the body
  • The basis of feeling well is mobility, relaxation, balance and posture – and your therapist can help you with that.
    If the therapist also could educate the customer about the body and provide a network of experts, the therapist could become the core in a new standard of well-being

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