On May 25th 2018, Helsinki was the center of the world in terms of manual therapy, as open minded and innovative wellness providers from all over the world gather at the Embassy of Sweden.

Atlasbalans in collaboration with Business Sweden was presenting a new way of working with manual therapy.

“We were thinking of doing this in the US or Germany, but we were so impressed with the Finnish wellness perspective and the professionalism of Finnish manual therapists. We come to Finland to learn” – Hans Bohlin, CEO Atlasbalans

When developing a treatment tool to help people with reoccurring pain in the neck and lower back, Hans Bohlin at Swedish company Atlasbalans stumbled upon a research field that was constantly evolving.

New research shows that Fascia, our system of connective tissue, has a larger impact on health and well-being than we previously knew. When successful treatment results were observed on both people and horses, Hans Bohlin contacted Danish Veterinary Dr. Vibeke Sødring Elbrønd, an expert in both human and animal fascia research, to explore the possibility of validating the treatment results and Dr. Elbrønd conducted a study showing that the Atlasbalans treatment tool can be used for fascia treatment.

We started our business to find a way to make people healthy in the long term, but we want to know why the treatment gives such a good result, we want to know why we get back pain and we have searched for the answers with the most prominent experts in anatomical research about fascia/connective tissue.