Using epidural is today more of a norm when giving birth. The pain relief is very effective for the mother, though no one is talking about how it can affect the baby.

Women giving birth with epidural does not know how it actually affects the child. In fact, an epidural is a form of powerful morphine that makes the heartbeat of the child slowing down. Something that is affecting the child in ways we do not question or speak about.


When using epidural as a relief, you can tell on the baby when the mother is getting it injected in the body by measuring the baby’s heart frequency. The form of morphine slows down the heartbeat on the child that affects the child by making it more tired than the ones being born without, something that you can also notice is that it’s affecting breastfeeding.

– We do not speak about the risks of taking epidural. But we can see that there is a link with women who choose to take epidural and ending up needing methods such as vacuum extraction, says Cayenne Ekeroth, the midwife.