Kun Maria Gustavsson koki palaneensa loppuun, palautuminen johti hänet hyvinvoinnin edistämisen polulle. Maria on tänä päivänä keskittynyt auttamaan ihmisiä ja eläimiä terveempään elämään Swedish Fascia Vibesin kautta ja kuuluu maailman 14 ensimmäisen virallisesti tunnustetun terapeutin joukkoon, jonka erikoisalana on hevosten faskiahoidot.

It was thanks to the family’s horses that she came into contact with Atlasbalans and was able to see how the treatment of fascia (network of connective tissue) could rebuild the entire body by making it more mobile, elastic and relieve tension and pain.


When Maria saw how effective the treatment was, her curiosity was awakened and she decided to immerse herself in the subject.


–The cats come by themselves and jump up on the treatment table when they understand what is going on, says Maria who is currently a fully trained horse therapist, and who this autumn will also be certified Swedish Fascia Vibes therapist for treatment of people.


When she treats horses, she notices how they first start yawning and then falls asleep during the treatment, which is done through the award-winning Atlasbalans M1 treatment tool. The machine treats deep fascia in the body, on both animals and humans. Something that leads to an effective and painless treatment of both lighter and more severe degrees of tension.


– It is so fascinating how the body is one, says Maria Gustavsson.


Among people it is a lot of office people who get help with their back and neck problems. A result of the sedentary work that many today have. Swedish Fascia Vibes can also be used for preventative purposes when the treatment goes under wellness.