There are three major reasons why the Fascia’s central importance to the body’s functionality is not better known than it is.

  1. New area: Fascia research is not older than 40-50 years and was long fragmented. What the researchers in Germany concluded did not reach scientists in the US and so on. As late as 2007 the first Fascia Research Congress was held and results from different countries’ research began to be compiled. In September 2015 the fourth Fascia Research Congress was held.  We were present and recorded a number of interviews that you will find on this page.

2. Conflicts with previous knowledge: Research findings turn what we previously knew about the body upside down. If you open a textbook on anatomy there is not much written about the Fascia. If suddenly research pops up that claims “hey! Everything you learned during all the years you studied was based on the wrong perspective – you have missed one of the most central parts “it is not easy to accept that.

3. New paradigms, new perspective: Tom Myers says jokingly that Fascia research means the same shift in the paradigm of biology as the difference between Newton’s mechanical universe and Einstein’s E = mc2. It may be grandiose, but in a way it’s a bit like hearing that the Earth is round when you walked around your whole life and thought that earth is flat. Old perspectives, belief systems and patterns are hard to break. The new is often difficult to accept.