There are very few people who are as passionate about what they are doing, as Hans Bohlin, CEO of Atlasbalans, is. He is always ready to tell everyone about fascia and the fascia treatment.


He always brings a machine with him everywhere he goes, and it is always fun (well…) when a treatment suddenly breaks out on the holiday; in the restaurant, on the aircraft, in the security check, on the beach or on the golf course.


But it is lucky that there are people who are passionate about helping others – because there are people who need help everywhere.


So when Hans was to hand in the car for service, it naturally happened that it quickly switched to servicing the staff.


The work as a car mechanic can be quite tough and physically strenuous. In addition, many of the 20 car mechanics in this particular workshop never ever went to treatment – they hardly knew that the option existed.


As a self-employed, it is smart to always be open to new businesses. The practicality of the machine is that you can quickly show exactly what a fascia treatment can do, and for us it has resulted in both small and large collaborations that we would never have without Hans.


When they got to know the effect of Swedish Fascia Vibes, how mobile and relaxed they got after just one short treatment, they understood what needed to be done and booked regular treatment for the staff. Because if anyone knows how important it is with regular follow-up and service, it is a car mechanic.


Hans called one of our therapists in Järfälla and solved the details. The car was serviced, the staff was serviced and one of our users received a new regular customer – a workshop with 20 employees.


It is, however, a pretty fabulous outcome for being a workshop visit on a Tuesday in May.