Deep Wave is a new form of treatment of the Fascia/connective tissue, which effectively and gently increases mobility, eases pain and relaxes muscle tension. 

  • Gentle and pleasant – customers love the treatment
  • Increases flexibility and relaxation; improves circulation
  • Used by professional therapists to relieve neck and back pain, tennis elbow and muscle tension
  • Award-winning innovation; designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden, by Atlasbalans
“AtlasOrange1 gives me an extra level of efficiency I can’t achieve by just using my hands, and I can combine it with my other treatment”
Pia Nirkko, Physiotherapist, Olympic Team Finland
”I was so surprised by the effectiveness of the treatment. Before it I was barely able to walk properly!”
Christian Kpobi, Football Player
Tested new treatment and was helped with a persistent groin injury
Rolf Göran Bengtsson, Elite Horse Jumper

Want to work with Deep Wave?

Deep Wave Treatment makes professional therapists even better. The treatment is gentle and effective on the body, providing amazing results. Best of all – customers love it!

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Then get in touch with an expert near you! Every month new professional therapist join our platform, all equipped with the latest technique and most recent knowledge.

More Deep Wave Information?

What is Deep Wave Treatment, what can be treated, how does the machine work
and how is Deep Wave Treatment linked to the
most recent anatomical research?

Fantastic Results

Increased mobility, balance, posture and relaxation.

Gentle and Comfortable

The varying velocity of Deep Wave makes the treatment gentle and comfortable.


Tested and validated for Deep Wave treatment by the Copenhagen University.

Award-Winning Innovation

The Deep Wave Machine is designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden.


Atlasbalans is spreading new knowledge about the body

  • Atlasbalans’ business idea is to develop products, services and comprehensive health and wellness solutions for humans and animals.
  • Atlasbalans provides professional therapists with what they need in order to give state of the art treatments. Simply put – we make professionals even better.
  • The core of our business is Deep Wave Treatment with our award-winning machine AtlasOrange1 – designed and developed in Sweden, by Atlasbalans.