1. We see EVERYTHING as a whole.

  • What you believe affects how you think, how you think affects what you do and what you do affects how you feel.
  • Everything is joined together – connected: thought, body, the inside and the outside and the key to understanding this is Fascia. The more we learn about Fascia the stronger our belief in the body as a self-healing whole gets.

2. We think everything is achievable if there is enough will, and we search for simple solutions.

  • Limitations exist inside and outside of us all. If we just let go of them we can do so much more, reaching far beyond our imagination.
  • The body searches for what is easy and effective and if we stay open the easy and effective will come to us.

3. We believe in constant develepment, through inspiration and innovation

  • We inspire others to improve and progress by continuing to learn and develop ourselves; and seeking to become better fellow humans.
  • Creativity is a natural state, but one must dare to make mistakes and learn from them in order to keep developing.

4. We believe in a community where individuals openly share their experiences, lessons learned and knowledge for mutual development.

  • We learn the most from and with others when we let go of competition and the ego, see each other as fellow humans and show empathy.
  • We listen to one another, show respect and are humble. The team musn’t choke the individual and the individual mustn’t steel all the oxygen from the group.

5. We expect a lot from ourselves and others.

  • We take responsibility for our lives and our development and we hold ourselves and others accountable.
  • We are briefed, prepared and professional, we deliver what we’ve promised and preferably more – both internally and toward customers, and we challange ourselves and others.

6. We follow our hearts and dare to be ourselves.

  • To us, empathy is more important than intelligence and we follow our intuition, the voice of the heart. The heart feels first what the thought later evaluates. Always in that order.
  • Every human is unique and should be treated accordingly, and dare to be different. We seek our own truth through self-reflection, independent thinking and by asking and questioning ourselves.

7. We have respect in others and ourselves.

  • Respect to us means respecting what and who you are. We treat others with respect regardlss of age, gender or skin color. We care about everyone but speak up when a person behaves badly; we are not afraid of tough love.
  • Respect for others and for ourselves also means asking ourselves: Do I want to, Can I, Do I have permission to. For example: Do I want to help/Can I speak up for/Do I have permission to influence that person.

8. We believe in the individual, in the human potential, in love and balance.

  • People have great creative power and when we choose love we are brave and strong and we can do much more than we think.
  • People are good and evil, we have a light and a dark side, we have capacity for immense love as well as fear. We are big but at the same time small, we are smart but at the same time ignorant. What is happening within us is as important as what happens outside of us. It is about balance, abuot understanding our enormous potential but never forgetting to be humble at the same time. It is about choosing love and overcoming fear.

9. We believe in honest and open communication, externally and internally.

  • All Atlasbalans’ principles are reflected in how we behave and communicate with the world. Nothing related to our company should feel secret or unclear, artificial or false. Being open and honest means that we try to live up to our principles in everything we do professionally.
  • All Atalsbalans’ principles are reflected in how we behave and communicate with each other. We speak up when something isn’t right, handle critisism, distinguish between a deed and a doer and show regard and respect for others.