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10 000 practitioners reach 20 million people in 2022

We believe the body is the key to understanding ones full potential.

How does one get lots of people to start listening to their bodies? 

We think, by uniting and helping a massive amount of professional healthcare and wellness practitioners reach out to as many as possible.

We will expand and dominate the field of Fascia Wave Treatment by creating the world’s largets platform, uniting and developing 10 000 professional practitioners with Atlasbalans’ treatment machines and processes; and affecting 20 000 000 humans around the world by 2022.

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Our Principles: what we believe in and what we stand for

Our beliefs: Atlasbalans’ 9 Principles

We have always tried reaching for the sky, striving for a higher standard and keeping ourselves and each other responsible for becoming better fellow humans, colleagues and individuals.

We have come up with nine (9) priciples that we aspire to live up to:

  1. We see EVERYTHING as a whole
  2. We think everything is possible if there is enough will, and we search for simple solutions
  3. We believe in constant develepment, through inspiration and innovation
  4. We believe in a community where individuals openly share their experiences, lessons learned and knowledge for mutual development
  5. We expect a lot from ourselves and others
  6. We follow our hearts and dare to be ourselves
  7. We have respect for others and ourselves
  8. We believe in the individual, in the human potential, in love and balance
  9. We believe in honest and open communication, externally and internally


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