“I am fascinated by the power in an organization where people are aware and motivated.”

That power comes when everyone in the company intellectually and emotionally embraces the vision, business strategy, objectives and strategy, and the execution is well structured and with a clear leadership characterized by authenticity.

This is really quite obvious, but the simple things can sometimes be the hardest things to do.

My name is Lars Bjarnemark and my passion is to help companies find the right, move forward, to solutions that work.

As a business leader and director at the management level, I have seen it before and done it before, with experience in strategic, organizational and personnel challenges in various industries.

I have had the privilege to work as a leader in areas such as care, advertising and communications, IT, telecommunications, banking and finance.

I want to share with you what is in my bank of experience in management and leadership, my values ​​and my vision of leadership.


Lars Bjarnemark

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