“Everything is possible if you put your mind to it”

Hans Bohlin was born in 1962 and comes from Umeå. Since his 1985 engineering degree from Umeå University, he has worked in areas such as IT development, telecom, finance and trade, primarily in sales, marketing and management. Hans has even studied as a chiropractor apprentice for two years and studied osteopathy for six months.

“Hans has a unique combination of business expertise, empathy and vision. I have over the past three years have had the privilege to get to know Hans in business and personally, and would heartily recommend everyone to do the same. I am sure that Hans can get you to see things in new, more productive ways with warmth and compassion. “- Anders Larsson

Why Atlasbalans? Interview with CEO Hans Bohlin

Hans Bohlin sold his summer home and abandoned a successful career in business to invest wholeheartedly in Atlasbalans, a wellness concept that has gone from treating people to the development of an innovative treatment machine that now also treats horses with great results.

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“Hans has a helicopter perspective and quickly sees the overall pictures with the ability to come to a fast decision. The basis for this is his curiosity and his incredibly high ability to absorb large amounts of information. Hans has a very good ability to see people and provide feedback on their strengths. Hans has strong leadership abilities and I can heartily recommend his experience and knowledge “- Björn Ekengren
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Interview with Hans Bohlin: Why Atlasbalans?

What triggered you to start Atlasbalans?

I have always strived to make things easier and more efficient.

In the late 2000s I got interested in alternative forms of treatment and saw the great benefit they could do for people with back and neck pain, but also proactively to better balance and posture.

Moreover, it was an industry that could benefit from more entrepreneurship and new development, so I felt I had something to contribute with my long experience both as an entrepreneur and from many years in large corporations.

So after a lot of preparation, we started Atlasbalans in the autumn of 2011 as a wellness concept to by treatment of the neck and back help customers to better their balance and posture.

The basic idea was to bring together professional therapists under one platform and together build something bigger. By making things easier and working together, I believe we can open up for a whole new development.

The format has changed, but the idea is still the same. By spreading Fascia wave treatment to as many as possible and remaining open to evolving and improving, this can be a quick channel to disseminate new knowledge and research.

In recent years, for example, I have studied fascinating new research on above all the fascia, and when it spreads it can change the whole perspective on how we look at health care. But the system is slow, it is still relatively unknown in for example Sweden, even though it greatly impacts how the body works.

My vision is for Atlasbalans to remove that inertia.

Atlasbalans is my way of showing the path to doing things faster, easier and more efficient.

Why did you develop a machine?

Our past experience had taught us that a tool is needed to effectively treat especially the neck muscles. Therefore, work began to develop a treatment machine in the autumn of 2011.
When testing the first prototype in spring of 2012, we realized that therapists in general, not just those who treat the neck and back, could benefit from a tool. Partly to improve treatment results, but also to facilitate the work since it causes wear to treat customers manually each day for several years.

The machine has won designer awards and has been praised by clients and therapists. How did that come about?

I contacted two talented engineers, Ari Hakala and Krister Sjölander, and a renowned industrial designer, Nicholas Frank, who I worked with in the early 90s. The first sketches were amazing, but since then a lot has happened that influenced development.

I contacted two talented engineers, Ari Hakala and Krister Sjölander, and a renowned industrial designer, Nicholas Frank, who I worked with in the early 90s. The first sketches were amazing, but since then a lot has happened that influenced development.

Early on we detected that the machine had a positive effect on connective tissue. Connective tissue (Fascia) is about the hottest and newest within manual therapy; especially in Germany and the US. Through Tom Myer’s research on “Anatomy Trains”  (more under What is Fascia?) the machine was adapted for treatment of Fascia.

We have upgraded the software some 20 times since then to get the maximum effect..

How is it that you began to focus on the treatment of horses?

In the summer of 2013, we sold two machines to Petra Meller in southern Skåne. When I rang her up in August and asked how it went she replied: “It is going absolutely incredible – with the horses.” I thought I had heard wrong. Have you tried it on horses?

She replied that the results during treatment of horses were outstanding.

The horse’s anatomical characteristics, especially the large muscle mass makes the deep waves spread quickly and over much larger areas than during treatment of people (something we have attained through research collaboration with Copenhagen university). However, the cord was too short for treatment in the stable …

What happened next?

When we went down to film the treatment in the fall and further examine the results, we realized that we were onto something big. Because off that AtlasMaroonOne, a purple version of the machine, was developed in the autumn of 2013. With slower programs, a carrying belt and battery. More and more therapists began contacting us – they also wanted a machine for the treatment of horses.

We therefore sat down with Petra in the spring and wondered how we would proceed. When an opportunity to exhibit in a booth on the main street at the Falsterbo Horse Show presented itself, so we took it and the response was amazing. Approximately a 1000 visitors tried the treatment, around 50 therapists reported interest and we took the opportunity to interview elite rider and Olympic medalist Rolf Göran Bengtsson who was treated with the machine in the spring by, Petra. (See interview here)

Märta Lindqvist SFV-behandlar Casall Ask hos Rolf Göran Bengtsson

So now when focusing on both people and horses? Doesn’t that get complicated?

I understand that it may seem confusing, but we have done our best to separate target groups with different colors on the machine and on the website. In addition, the treatment is now called different things: Deep wave treatment on horse and Fascia wave treatment on people.

I believe in taking on what comes and see opportunities and challenges rather than limitations and problems. It has worked well to separate so far, many people who have been treated does not for example know that it works on horses, and vice versa.

It has even been the case that we have learned more about the treatment of people from the treatment of horses

How have you developed the treatment of people because of treating the horses?

During the treatment of horses Petra discovered that the treatment was the most effective when she did not treat at the point where the horse was in pain. By instead treating around so that deep waves spread gradually to the point of pain the symptoms dissolve – in a gentle and pleasant manner. The same methodology has been proven to work in humans.

With the machine, you can then treat muscle spasms, back pain, etc. Without pain – which is amazing.

We then realized that a new market had opened up for real – wellness – where more depends on the treatment being comfortable, soft, and that you feel good rather than solving problems. So we decided, to develop AtlasWhiteOne a white version of the machine, which is softer to the customer.

Wait? Human care, horses and now wellness as well?

Once again, we see possibilities instead of limitations. Sure, it can be problematic when we present everything we have done at once, but if you have a good solution to an existing problem, then it’s foolish not to try to make something of it.

Nokia made both tires, rubber boots and mobile phones. Apple makes everything imaginable. Since we found a good way to separate brands and messages to the consumers we are open to diversification.
There is another advantage. If we encounter inertia and resistance in for example the people sector we can put more focus on horses, wellness and fitness. We will for example in 2015 focus most on the horses since we have had a huge impact in a very short time.

Atlasbalans is a company which stands for continuous development and improvement. We are always open to our products getting better. What we adapt AtlasOrange1 to in the future remains to be seen.

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