The new standard in well-being

Swedish Fascia Vibes is a new form of treatment of the fascia/connective tissue, which effectively and gently increases mobility and relaxation, eases pain and tension, improves circulation and increases fluid flow

Turnkey solution for professional therapists

Swedish Fascia Vibes is everything from the products used to increase relaxation and mobility, to learning and developing
new methods, to helping people understand their bodies in a simple way.

We help people realize and reach their full potential

  • The Atlasbalans business concept is to deliver high-quality equipment, training and services in wellness for both people and animals.
  • The idea for Atlasbalans was born in 2009 when Hans Bohlin wanted to create a wellness concept to ensure people long-term health. Together with Axel Bohlin, with a background in digital marketing, the business was developed, and when Ivar Bohlin joined Atlasbalans as sales manager, the family business reached new levels. Charlotta Bohlin is an adviser to the business and is always ready to step in during times of tough challenges.
  • We empower professional therapists and give them what they need to perform excellent treatments. Simply put, we help people reach their full potential.
“The new Fascia research helps us understand the body as a whole. At Atlasbalans, we are making sure that the body is mobile and relaxed – and by that giving the body optimal conditions for self healing.”
– Hans Bohlin, Atlasbalans

How do you develop a more efficient hand?

The story behind Swedish Fascia Vibes

If you are good with your hands, you’ll be great with the m1

  • Designed as an extended hand, the powerful M1 brings a new level of professionalism to manual treatment.
  • Based on the latest anatomical research, M1 is optimized for advanced and powerful fascia treatment.
  • Used by professional therapists to ease back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, muscle tension and much more.

The power of the extended hand with the precision of the finger

  • M2 takes the preciseness of manual treatment to a new level and is perhaps the most intuitive fascia treatment tool on the market today.
  • If M1 is an extended hand, M2 is more like a thumb or a finger, enabling you to be powerful and precise at the same time.
  • Never before has this kind of power been so easy to use with its light and flexible form. It works great in pairs or together with an M1.
“A lot has happened in the last 10 years in the anatomic research. Atlasbalans has a good treatment for increasing mobility and relaxation”
– Dr. Vibeke S. Elbrønd, University of Copenhagen
“It is important to prove things scientifically, but many people forget that many things have already been proven, like how the Pacini-nerve react to vibration and oscillating movement. It is an existing effect no matter what equipment you use. The science is there and you don’t have to prove the same thing over and over again.”
– Jarmo Ahonen, Physiotherapist

Fascia and fascia treatment

  • New research shows that fascia, a system of connective tissue, has a larger impact on health and well-being than was previously known.
  • This has sparked a worldwide movement within the anatomical research field, with new ground breaking findings every year.
  • Continuously innovating and developing new methods for fascia treatment has become increasingly important.
“The old research premises within our anatomical field are no longer valid. This forces us back to an observing stage. 
– Dr Heike Jäger, Neuro physiologist at the Fascia Research Center, University of Ulm